Located in Taksaki, this 2-star hotel offers free WiFi and a 24-hour front desk.

What's New

Jul-Aug 2019: July-August/2019: In addition to existing Booking.com, Several OTAs (Expedia, AGODA, Yahoo Travel, Airbnb) have started to work for us.

15/Sep/2019:WIFI has been installed in every room.

25/Sep/2019:GWD-1000FR (http://www.ohnit.co.jp/product/GWD-1000FR/index.html) has been started to be used.

Hotel Sun is

Located in Taksaki, this 2-star hotel offers unique service that is not available in other hotels in Takasaki. The size of rooms are large enough for up to 5 guests to stay. All rooms in the hotel are equipped with a electric tea pot, dryer and an American size bif double beds. The rooms have a private bathroom with a bath, while some feature city views. Karuizawa is 43.5 km from Hotel Sun. We speak your language!


Check-In 14:00~0:00
Check-Out 6:00~10:00
Number of guests per room :2-5
Number of Rooms :36
Facilities of Hotel Sun
Queen or Double size bed, air-condition, flat TV, refrigerator, bath room and many more
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On site Parkings within the Hotel:13cars
Second Parkings outside the Hotel: 9cars

Why you need to come to Takasaki?

Takasaki is an often forgotten city in Gunma Prefecture, on the Shinkansen line, north-west of Tokyo.
While the area has lots to offer, because it’s not on most tourist maps ,Takasaki is a lot quieter and more laid back than Tokyo. Takasaki still has all the comforts of a big Japanese city and good train connections.
GreaterTakasaki including Maebashi and other smaller cities nearby has a population of almost 1 million and Takasaki is connected to Tokyo via the Joetsu Shinkansen line. Many people here commute to Tokyo. Takasaki is a medium sized Japanese city, so has a good mix of the city life and countryside life.
If you are staying in Tokyo, Takasaki makes for a great day trip. It is also worthwhile stopping here on the way to Nagano or Niigata. There are many shrines, temples and traditional shops to explore in this city. The main area for tourists to explore in Takasaki can be found HERE.
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137-1,Takasago-cho,Takasaki,Gunma, Japan, 370-0047

Driving Directions
10minutes drive to the West from Takasaki Interchange at Kanetsu highway

Train Station
15minutes walk from West Exit of Takasaki Station (JR Shinetsu Line) It is about 50 Minutes by Shinkansen from Tokyo Station

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